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The Monster Milling Machine Project Part 2

After having the probe set up for awhile... I discovered that the relay system has inherent problems... sometimes it jitters and messes up the results. This means I need to add some serious debounce to the probe.

I already had a setting in the LinuxCNC setup... but I needed something more refined.

Digital Probe Circuit #2 - Using a microprocessor. - March 14, 2015

By using a microprocessor, I could change the delay as needed and possibly add in other useful features. One added feature was a beeping sound to indicate contact, and another was to play a short tune when started to let me know the new circuit was functioning properly.  And of course... just because I thought that would be a cool feature.   :- )

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A Public Service Announcement from Askjerry!

The 100 Year Old Pulley Project

My friend Kevin came to me with a problem... his dad had a lathe made in the late 1800's and over the years, the main drive pulley became out-of-round and wobbled somewhat. He asked me if I could help get the machine back to a smooth operation.

Part 1 - Reworking the pulley on the Wells Index Mill

Part 2 - Installing and testing on the lathe.

ATX Hackerspace Mill - LinuxCNC Modifications V1 - March 22, 2015

I was working with the ATX Hackerspace to make their Taig Mill better, safer, and have more functionality. This is the first installment of some of the new features that I added.

Custom Variato Tool - A project with Mitch Bergsma

My friend Mitch came over with a problem... how to hold the gear for the Variator from turning while he removed the nut. We designed and built this special tool.

The difference between a Router and a Spindle

Just a short video to explain the difference between a Router and a Spindle

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