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CNC Information and Resources

I have had an interest in milling machines ever since seeing one in high school. I could never get time on it because the guys in auto shop constantly were running projects on it. We had several lathes... so I was able to get some experience with them.

When I was moving from New Orleans to St Louis back around 1996, one of the guys I worked with was selling his vintage 1961 Sears Craftsman Lathe. He asked me if I would be interested for $300. Naturally, I jumped at the chance and had it set up as soon as I got to St Louis. I t was in storage a couple of years until I could get it here to Texas... but it is finally where it belongs in my workshop.

Sears Lathe ( August 1961 Model ) Set up in my workshop.

Eventually I came into possession of a 1987 Wells Index CNC Milling machine... 3500 pounds (1590 Kg). It took me several years to be able to move the machine from St Louis to here in Kyle, TX... but we eventually got it down here.

Mill On Truck STL
A 1987 Milling Machine being pulled by a 1985 GMC Truck in 2014

 I have been making a progress page onthe "Monster Milling Machine" as well... you can follow along from 2014 when we loaded the machine up in St Louis, through all the challenges and changes we have done.


By the way... the picture above is a 1987 Wells Index Milling machine being pulled on a newly refurbished 1990 trailer, and hauled by a 1985 GMC truck... in 2014...  just how cool is that?

My mill used to run on a now defunct software package called Deskam which ran on Windows 98. I thought it was about time that I brought the machine up to more modern standards, so I decided on LinuxCNC which is a totally FREE software package. In the following pages, I want to provide you with useful tips, methods, videos, and links which you might find useful.